Blynk Server Cloud based hosting

Has anyone configured / setup the Blynk server on a Cloud or PAAS platform such as Heroku, OpenShift?

Be interested to know if this has been done before for hosting your own Blynk servers for custom applications.


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Have you succeeded ?
I’m trying the same, But don’t know how to start !

I know that you can run on Heroku custom jars. So it should be possible.

Could you please elaborate ?

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Heroku. You have to do it by yourself.

Thanks for the replies.

Whether using Heroku / OpenShift / Docker etc. it doesn’t matter which.
I’ll be using Docker very soon so might see if I can create a docker-compose file to spin up Blynk Server.

If and when I get the chance I’ll post my results / instructions here.

sorry for out of the subject question , it looks like you have a good knowledge about the PAAS , i have a very limited knowledge about it , i tried to setup Node-Red on OpenShift and never success.
do you have any idea how can i do this.