Blynk Server - Cannot go past logon in admin panel


I have set up blynk-server on my dedicated server running on Debian. I had no problem with logging into the admin panel on earlier versions (but I don’t remember exactly which one, and I have not used Blynk for a while), but after trying to access it on 0.27.1 version, I cannot get past login form. It just has no reaction at all - no error no nothing, just refreshes site after clicking Login button. I have tried lots of different devices and browsers, but the problem remains the same.

Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? (config stayed the same from the beggining, and I have added admin credentials is and no restrictions on admin IPs)

Hello. Yes, this is known issue and it was fixed already. Fix will be available in 0.27.2 version.

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