Blynk Roadmap?

I am curious what the plans for Blynk are in the future. I’ve had a look at Cayenne and it looks promising. I like the fact it has triggers, events and scheduling. It just looks crap compared to Blynk.

Are there any plans to include such features in Blynk in the future? Why should I stay with Blynk and not move over to Cayenne?

I would say Blynk also has these.


They just have web interface & app for raspberry pi doesn’t support variety of hardwares.
Some where i had read that they copied Blynk libraries…
Blynk is best.


They also using Blynk server :laughing:.

We have this. See eventor widget and email/push/twits.

Yes, This is only thing we are missing now and this is in our plans. We have very primitive Timer widget, but it is very limited.

Scheduling is covered with the TimeInput widget, all covered and so much more.

Are They Blynk clients??
If not then block them. :smiling_imp:

They also using Blynk server :laughing:.

Why is this allowed?

For sure Cayenne use Blynk libraries, you can see below an example just opening the “CayenneEthernert.h”

IMHO That’s the bad point when you develop open source software…Cayenne is waiting with open arms new files from @vshymanskyy, do you know what I mean, right??



Because server also open-sourced :slight_smile:.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Blynk is the best for sure.:grin: