Blynk REST Api for updating timer values on Virtual Pin

I was going through Blynk REST Api documentation and found this API endpoint:

I tried updating timer property but it gives error - Wrong request format.

Btw, I do have timer attached on V2 Pin.

What is going wrong here?

Well, first of all the Timer widget doesn’t have the ability to set the start and end time programmatically.
The Time Input widget does, but This isn’t done by a Set Property command, it’s done via a VirtualWrite command with multiple elements.

The widget properties that can be changed via Set Property are documented here:

I’ve not tried to update the start time and end time of the time input widget using an API call, but the syntax for multiple API parameters is update/V3?value=255&value=255&value=255

Also, the API calls are still affected by the GeoDNS issue, so it’s always best to explicitly specify the IP address of the Blynk cloud server where your project lives (obtained by pinging rather than using and hoping that the DNS resolution works as expected.


Thanks for quick response. I will try setting it up via API and set property.