Blynk report not opening

I’ve been trying to integrate a Blynk App into my Pulse oximetry sensor. Now I have it all completely working except when I generate a report via the widget it sends the download report link to my outlook box. However, when I click it looks like it goes to download and then stops doing anything. Has anyone come across this and maybe have a solution?


Arudunio Nano IOT 33 (32-bit SAMD21) - Wifi module inbuilt(NINA-W10)
Android OS V.10
Blynk Server
Blynk library 1.0.0 v.3

How about providing the information that was requested when you created this topic…

Before creating the topic

1. Search forum for similar topics
2. Check and
3. Add details : 
• Hardware model + communication type. For example: Arduino UNO with Ethernet Shield
• Smartphone OS (iOS or Android) + version
• Blynk server or local server
• Blynk Library version 


Have editted the original post and included the info.

I think you actually mean Blynk library 1.0.0 beta-v.3

You should probably be running v0.6.1


I’ll leave your “User is being unhelpful and pedantic“ comment for another moderator to pick-up and deal with as they see fit.