Blynk Reconfig device

Hello !

I was playing around with Blynk 2.0 and got things pretty much running.

While i was working with, I thought of exploring each and every options. So i thought of reconfiguring an existing device.

When i clicked on Reconfig, it carried out the process smoothly. But now its configured as a new device and a new tile is created. My question is what if i only want to change the SSID and PASS ? And even all the widgets were deleted.

And even this happened in the process of playing around :sweat_smile: huge widgets

After closing the app and reopening, it was back to normal.

EDIT Real size

Hello. The main goal of reconfigure is to change the SSID and Password. No new template should be created and no new device.

Regarding your screens - do you use Android? Version?

Yeah !! The word Reconfigure explains it all. But a new templet was created. I will try that again while recording the screen and post it here tomorrow.

That’s not possible. We don’t have such logic. The only possible scenario here is that device have some different template id, but it’s not clear how to achieve that. But, let’s wait for the video.

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A quick update !!

As i mentioned that after reconfiguring a device, there will be one more template created automatically. I tried to recreate the same with a phone that had screen recording. Now i am not able to reproduce the same.

The problem i faced was on a old phone 2015 samsung note 3 running android 5.0…

May be there was a glitch or bug ?


What if i clicked on erase all data option accidentally? Will then a new tempalet created ? Or just the widgets and other stuff gets deleted along with wifi credentials ?

May be due to the old android version there was a problem like the widgets appeared really large. Btw the Blynk app is upto date.

One more question

While the device reeboot after a power cut there will be no wifi available or in remote places we dont need our device to connect to the internet. In this scenario the device keeps reebooting until it gets a wifi connection. How to overcome this problem ?

Very unlikely.


We’ll check this one.

You need to manually override some Blynk functions and define your flow. Please search for something like “blynk without internet handle”