Blynk reconect

hello can somebody provide me a link to blynk reconect sketch ? Can’t seem to find it in example
Best regards

Do you mean that sketch ? :

void loop() {;

  if (Blynk.connected()) {  // If connected run as normal;
  } else if (ReCnctFlag == 0) {  // If NOT connected and not already trying to reconnect, set timer to try to reconnect in 30 seconds
    ReCnctFlag = 1;  // Set reconnection Flag
    Serial.println("Starting reconnection timer in 60 seconds...");
    timer.setTimeout(60000L, []() {  // Lambda Reconnection Timer Function
      ReCnctFlag = 0;  // Reset reconnection Flag
      ReCnctCount++;  // Increment reconnection Counter
      Serial.print("Attempting reconnection #");
      Blynk.connect();  // Try to reconnect to the server
    });  // END Timer Function

This is it . Is it the full sketch?

What do you mean by a full sketch? :thinking:
You asked for the reconnect function. there is no “full sketch” to reconnect after losing blynk connect