BLYNK_READ while App Offline?

When is called, is then every Pin’s BLYNK_READ() function called or only if the App is online at that time?

Because I got something thats need to be called regulary and if calls this routine every second I dont need to include it in my Loop as well.

But I need to know if it will get called even if the App has no connection or is in Background.

So let’s assume the mobile phone has no internet reception at the moment and the App is therefore not connected. Will Blynk.Run() call the READ function for the pin then?

BLYNK_READ could be called only with reading widgets. And reading widgets works only when app is online and opened.

You need to consider Blynk.virtualWrite() for what you need.

Thanks, I will write the code another way then.

One more question:
What about history graph items. Do I need to push them so they get stored in case the App is offline then?

I assume they won’t be recorded also right?

I until now assumed Blynk.Run() would sync all Pins/Virtual Pins when called.
But from what I understand now it isn’t? So is it just managing the connection?

Could you help me understand what exactly it does?

Thanks, I must have missed that.

So am I correct Blynk.Run() just manages the connection between App and Server?

And… Does Blynk.begin sync?

Could someone please tell me what does?
I need to know that for deciding how to write my code!

Does it just manage connection or does it for example also write variables when I release a slider and so on?