Blynk Raspberry C++ terminal

I want to send messages from raspberry c++ via terminal to my smartphone.
Can you give me a sample-cose?
thank you from germany for your help

Is this like… Blynk related? :thinking:

Check out

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It’s about the Display “Terminal” in the Blynk app.
I’d like to send messages from my Blynk main.cpp (Raspberry Pi, C++) to my smartphone.

I get the following error:
main.cpp: In function ‘void BlynkWidgetWrite0(BlynkReq&, const BlynkParam&)’:
main.cpp:54:12: error: ‘class WidgetTerminal’ has no member named ‘println’
terminal.println(“Hello”) ;
make: *** [Makefile:70: main.o] Fehler 1

I tried to use the expample from but it doesn’t work.