Blynk problem with timer setting in shared access

I have problem with Timer widget. I made project with timer widget and on my smartphone (android 7.0) everything is working properly (I can set time), but I created a shared access to my wife’s phone (Android 5.0) and when she click on timer can change the start and stop times normally, but when it closes and re-opens the app the time is unchanged ! Have you any idea ??

I also have similar issue. When I initially created my timer I set the times to 12 PM to 9 PM . No matter how many times I change the times it always goes back to 12 PM to 9 PM. It takes about 15 minutes for the updated time to revert back to original. What to do?

Are you referring to seeing this issue on a shared phone? if not then perhaps a topic of your own with clarification on the Widget used and what you meen by the 15 minutes to revert?

Sharing is different in that it doesn’t have full editing access. I think I recall something being done about this, but you might have to load in the Beta App version, for BOTH phones (scroll to bottom of page in Blynk Play Store - on phone) and then create logging after shared timer change attempt.

Hello sorry for delay,
I did as you wrote, a downloaded beta app on both phone and unfortunately did not help. Still I can’t chnge time on shared app.

The point was to send the logs to the devs… not saying it would make it work :wink: Sharing has limitations, this may be one of them?