Blynk PRO - User signed up outside of onboarding flow

I tried adding a user and there was an error saying that the e-mail was already in use. After a few mins I realized the issue is probably that the user “jumped the gun” and signed up for Blynk via the app, not through the flow of being sent a link.

What are the options? Is there a way to transfer the account? Or does the user need to delete their account and then re-signup for the link?

A secondary question. For PRO users there is supposed to be a support “ticketing system” where/how is this accessed? Or is there just a specific e-mail I should reach out to? Thanks!

I’m not 100% sure about this but as far as I know, the user won’t be able to sign up after sending the invitation to him, if he try to sign up a message that says " looks like you have already been invited… " Will appear.
If the user signed up before sending the invitation, a message that says " invalid email " or " already in use " will appear.

To solve this, the user should login to the account then delete it, after that you can resend the invitation.

Hi dksmc.

You’re right, it seems that a user has passed the sign up flow before you sent them an invitation.
There are 2 options: ask them to delete the account so you can invite them to your organization or ask them to provide another email that will be used under your organization.

We are migrating to new ticketing system currently and are temporarily accepting PRO support requests directly via email (check your PM please)

Thanks for the clarification! I will reach out to the customer and get it sorted.

And thanks for the info on the ticketing system, I think that will be a good addition.

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