Blynk PRO - user has to upgrade account to control device

We have bought a PRO plan, created the application, our machine is ready to be sent to our client and we wanted to test how the new client will set up the device. So we created a sub-organization and added a test user with a user role. Now, when I apply with this testing email, I get UPGRADE signs all over the app and this user can’t control anything. How is that possible? Does each user need his own pro plan or what? I’m using iOS.

Hello. Do you use the latest app? Please double check.

No. Looks like a bug. But it should be fixed with latest app version. I’ll clarify with the iOS team.

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Thank you for your answer. Yes, I use the latest app. It went away after a few minutes and now all is normal. But we can’t give an app like that to the client.

Did you test with the same phone? Could you please send us the logs right after you see this “wrong” screen.

We were not able to reproduce the issue. I think you had an old app, that somehow updated in the meanwhile. So it would be nice if you could reproduce the issue and send us logs right after you did that.

Yes, I have tested with iPhone 7. I have also sent you the logs. The issue comes when the device is not online. When it comes to online, upgrade icons disappear. Not really a problem, but doesn’t look professional either.

Thanks for the details. We’re still try to catch the issue. No luck so far. If we won’t be able to do that we’ll need to ask you to provide the video. Maybe it will help. I’ll update this thread in next 24 hours.

Ok, thanks. Let me know if you need any help with that.

@spehj the issue was reproduced and fixed. Sorry for inconveniences.