Blynk Ping


I can see that Blynk prints the ping time when connected to the server => Blynk.begin(…). Is there an easy way to manually read this time in a loop? I need it just for testing purposes (not much important)

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Which type of Ping are you looking for?

The measurement called Ping in the Blynk logs appears to be a calculation of lastActivityIn-lastHeartbeat and not the more commonly referanced Ping used to test response between IP addresses. If the Blynk one is the one you need, then you can investigate it more by looking in the BlynkProtocol.h file.

If however you need the internet Ping, there are a few methods that I can find via Google, but you will need to check them out yourself to see what will work for you

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Yes I think about the Ping in the Blynk logs, and I already found the lastActivityIn-lastHeartbeat value, but couldn’t figure it out how to access it from outside the library.

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Did you find a solution? I have the same problem, can you help me? :innocent:

Have you tried making that variable global?

No i couldn’t