Blynk not instaling in Georgia (Europe)

I can’t installing Blynk in my Samsung galxy 7 and Samsung galaxy Tab S2 in Georgia. there is information “No possible in you country”. Why?

Hm… @BlynkAndroidDev any clues?

There is a few messages about Google Play limitation in the Country of Georgia… on Google Play support.!topicsearchin/play/georgia$20country

Yep, I could be possibly connected to the issues described by the @Gunner’s link, as we have in-app purchases in the app. In any case, you could try to install app using this file:

Woot?! It’s only worth $20? I’ll take it :joy:

Hah… took me a second to realize you were quoting part of the URL.

Nah… that not so great a deal since you can’t get much Google support… and who can live without Google. (No… don’t get me started on those “help me, I can’t research for myself” types :wink: )

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