Blynk NFC Control

i have made on/off switch for my bedroom and i want turn on or off just to tap on nfc tag.
any tutorial?

if you are on android you need to look for “Automate” or “Tasker” and find your way on how to do it

first i wanna thank you for your answer…
i downloaded the two of them and a try 2 hours and i do nothing, neither to just open the blynk app, i didn’t expect to was so much difficult.
i try to find in youtube any tutorial but nothing.
if you have any tutoria please send or any idea

Blynk itself will not read or control your NFC tags… that is done by other App (assuming your phone can scan the tags itself), library and/or code options (using NFC readers) that you need to find and learn about in reference to your particular type of NFC devices.

Blynk than can act as a user interface once you have the core code working.

You can also search this forum to see what others have asked/done with NFC