Blynk need always to be restarted

I recently installed blynk on an AWS ec2 Instance.
I know that it is perhaps something that people do not use to do , as i saw very few experienes of that on the web …But, I thought it could be interesting !

It works fine , But, After a certain amount of time (perhaps 24 hours), i need to restart the blynk server , due to lost of connection.

I tried with differents versions of bBlynk server and differents versions of java jdk => Same problem
I tried with differents versions of Server ( redhat, fedora , aws …) => Same problem

Are there anyything special to configure to avoid to always have to restart the server ?

Any help would be really appreciate .

I think you need to fix the problem on the hardware side. Your hardware client should be able to reconnect after the connection is lost. I don’t think server has something to do with that.