Blynk myPlant Demo App


Thank you for your answer. That’s a bad news, I was waiting the app for some time.
Why you don’t work on iOS as much as you work on android?!!! There are a lot of users on iOS, maybe more then android.


You made me sad.


Last time Blynk was asked it was 75% Android users to 25% iOS users.

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@iulianh, we do work on iOS and eventually they will again be synchronized in terms of features. We just focused on some new features currently.

Is this now available for iOS?

NO, it’s not available!
It sucks!

For me, my plan does not work wifi ready but connecting to the cloud can`t connect the Sparkfun ESP8266 board

Guys at Blynk we need to do something about this iOS release. A big part of the market is iOS and we’ve made commitments with customers. Thanks, push hard!!

You can test it on Android. It works absolutely the same on iOS.

If you are ready to publish your own app - it can be done for both iOS and Android.

Just contact us through the form on


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May be a noob question. But Can’t I integrate the sensors(Soil Moisture,Temperature, Humidity etc.,)?

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yes, you can.

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Find iOS Blynk myPlant app on the App Store :wink:

My little home video with

  1. Launching the app and signing in
  2. Provisioning the SparkFun ESP8266 board
  3. Controlling imaginary watering machine from within the app

Hi friends. this is nice project. I have some question
1- which sensor is used for Humidity and Temperature ? is this DHT22 ? if yes which pin connected to DHT22 ?
2- is Soil sensor connected to analog pin ?
3- which sensor used for Light level ? and whats the pin connection ?
4- which pin used for watering and relay connection ?


@ErfanDL as far as I know everything is simulated, so no pins involved in the demo.

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aha. thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Sir hi. It’s seems like u r an expert in this. I tried my nodemcu to use with this demo app sir but it’s not working for me, i mean the board not showing as Wifi access. Help me with the code. Thanks alot.


Wouldn’t the Automatic Smart plant Watering kit for Arduino and The Code to go with iT… work with The app if you change The code?! (I have 2)

I was thinking of adding a Wemos D1 mini for WiFi, BMP130, DHT, DS18b20 shields… and a LDR sensor… could/or would that work?

Could I build from that if i have more lights? (TL and Led) on a 16ch relayboard?
12v fans for ventilation?

And would I Be able to see them in The App?

Kind regards,