Blynk Mini Kame

Hi Blynk Team … if you haven’t heard it enough… you guys ROCK!, thanks for keeping your code available to the maker community :smiley:

As I’ve just purchased a 3D printer I was looking for something I could combine the power of the blynk app with something that I could print, which led me to find MiniKame, I thought he was quite cute, my better half said something along the lines of kill it with fire.

The original arduino sketch required a computer posting commands to the robot via a python script… which got me thinking surely we could swap out the computer with the blynk library and app… and sure enough Blynk Mini Kame was born :slight_smile:

Still have a ways to go before I can call him finished but I thought I’d post this to guide anyone that would like to do the same, or could adapt the code for some other purpose.

So now we can control this little guy via tablet or phone to the horror of my wife and the delight of my children.

Thanks again Blynk team, you make experimenting with robotics and connected things easy enough for everyone :smiley:

Code: GitHub


Thanks for the work! I just finished a kame build and I am having trouble figuring out the pins for the servos. All of the servos are moving but not in the right order. Could you please share your servo to board pin set up


I think it would be different, so I don’t think it will help you.

To get mine to function correctly I watched the miniKame in this video studying the pushup, I connected just the leg rotation servos and got them working in the correct fashion, then moved on to finding the front lower leg servos as they were doing the pushing. working from that I was able to find the appropriate pins for the other servos.

Hope that helps, wasn’t a easy task but with some time you will be able to get him running around.

That’s a good starting point thanks for the reply


Hi @gordittaz, I was looking to adapt the miniKame to Blynk and I found this useful topic.
I just print all the parts of the miniKame and I’m now trying to test your sketch.
I’m having lots of errors on NodeMCU 1.0 (see bellow). Any idea ?

# _libraries/minikame/minikame.cpp.o: In function `MiniKame::zero()':
# _/Users/Julien/Documents/Arduino/libraries/minikame/minikame.cpp:4: multiple definition of `angToUsec(float)'
# _sketch/Libraries/minikame/minikame.cpp.o:sketch/Libraries/minikame/minikame.cpp:4: first defined here
# _libraries/minikame/minikame.cpp.o: In function `MiniKame::home()':
# _/Users/Julien/Documents/Arduino/libraries/minikame/minikame.cpp:286: multiple definition of `MiniKame::reverseServo(int)'
# _[...]

Also, did you by chance keep a picture / schema of your assembled miniKame ? I’m looking for a way to arrange wires, batteries and MCU together. Thx in advance !

awesome. can i see wiring diagram? what is modul need with blynk connection?

Just an update… I’ve just sorted out the issue with the errors (wrong lib version), and I’m starting to document everything. I will create a new thread asap.

→ I’m using an NodeMCU 1.0, but it could work with an ESP32

waiting for wiring diagram…what is other component need except nodemcu?..what is motor driver model? L298N?

@erickfloors Just watch for his new topic as he said.

Closing this one for now.