Blynk Local server with Mobile hotspot

I am Working on my project from last 6-7 months
about 2 3 Months ago
i setup my local server in my computer with connected to my home wifi(local network)
and its working fine with blynk application and nodemcu
then i tried the same topology with my mobile hotspot
and at that time it works fine
but after 2 3 months now i am trying to do same but blynk mobile app showing

“reconnecting to server”
I tried restarting the server .
reinstalling the server

also define static ip (local ip ) for my computer so that it doesn’t changes anymore
please help if anyone having solution for this


Computer(Local server) ---------------> Mobile hostspot <------------------node mcu

                                       / \
                                     Blynk App
                               (from same mobile phone)

Note: when it was working there was a computer with hotspot dongle )
now i am trying on my freinds laptop
let me know if i need to configure something in case of laptop or in
Thank You

Is your mobile phone using cellular data? I guess from what you’re saying it is.

In that case, I don’t think this is possible, as your app is connecting to a mobile network and there is no routing of inbound data packets to the local server.

Previously, with the wifi dongle on the PC, everything would have been connected to the same wifi network. Had you tried leaving that network with your phone and connecting via a cellular data service then the same issue would have arisen.

If you used something like a Raspberry Pi you could set-up a stand-alone server, but once again there would be no external connectivity once your phone stops connecting to the wifi network.


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