Blynk Local Server Problem

I’ve got a program running on an ESP8266.that is performing virtualWrite() to send information to a Value Display widget and on() and off() commands to change a LED widget state.

When I run the program connected to the Blynk server on the Internet everything operates as expected. When I connect to a Blynk local server, the updates to the Value Display and LED widgets no longer work.

A Button widget I have will send state to the ESP8266 using both Internet and local Blynk servers. Why can I not get state information to flow the other direction from ESP8266 to Blynk local server? A config issue on my local Blynk server that I haven’t figured out?


Hello. Latest app and server? ios/android? Library version?

Sorry, should’ve given that…

Blynk app:
iPhone6: iOS 10.0.2
Blynk App: 2.5.9

Local server:
Raspberry Pi - Raspbian 8 (jessie)
Linux 4.4.21

Blynk client hardware ESP8266 (Adafruit Feather Huzzah)

And these are the latest versions I believe. The Blynk local server versiou is 0.20.0.


Please post your code.

Thanks Dmitry,

I think I’ve found the issue with networking I setup in my Raspberry Pi - trying to use 2 wifi adapters simultaneously.

I will start another thread if I find other issues.


Blynk local server is 0.20.1