Blynk local and cloud server

please how do i control my hardware with both blynk local server and blynk cloud and switch between them wherever i want to?

You have to write a specific code to switch between servers.
So you have to disconnect and reconnect from one to the other.

nice…any tutorial on how that is done

When you say Blynk Cloud, do you mean the Blynk legacy servers, not the Blynk IoT (Blynk 2.0 servers)?

Why do you need to switch between the two?

I’d say that Node-Red and MQTT would be the best option, that way you could have Node-Red connections to both your local server and cloud accounts and synchronise the data between the two.
But, I’m still not sure why you’d need to do that.


i want to host a blynk server on a pi and control my hardware within my home local network and still want to have real time feedback from my hardware when I’m away from my local network through the blynk cloud server

You have better to use Node-Red

If you configure your router correctly and use a DDNS service if you don’t have a static public IP address, then you can access your local server from anywhere in the world.

If your ISP uses a Double NAT system then you may need to use ZeroTier rather than setting-up port forwarding on your router.


ok thanks… really appreciate that

I use Tinc on my multiple Blynk local servers running on Pi’s. DDNS is also installed on servers that I can port forward but I will probably stop that completely in favor of Tinc. Use a cloud server at Vultr for about $5 a month to support all my units.