Blynk legacy with local blynk server

I have a small problem and I would appreciate it if someone could help me with it
I have 2 clients that use BLINK legacy in their facility with local blynk server
Because of the level of security in this facility
(There is no world internet, only a local network)
I tried to get a permission from them to connect the systems to an external Ethernet and transfer them to blynk 2.0…
And unfortunately I did not get permission for the Internet.

According to what I read in the forums as long as I work with a local server there is no interruption to the existing situation even when the blynk team shuts down the blynk 1.0 servers. I understand it right?

Because of security sensitivity, they decided to transfer all the cell phones in the facility to iPhone devices… the problem is that I could not find Blynk Legacy to iPhone

Does anyone have a Blynk Legacy IPA file to send me?
I have no problem even paying for it, I feel a little helpless

Using Blynk legacy for business or commercial purposes is not allowed without the proper Blynk licence, which you and/or your clients clearly don’t have.

The solution is for your clients to talk to Blynk about a Blynk IoT business subscription with on-premise server.