Blynk Legacy VS Blynk IOT, streaming ESP32CAM


I manage to view my video from ESP32CAM is Blynk Legacy. I use the same wifi/hotspot network.
The code i use is using MJPEG. Its work veryl well in Blynk legagy Video Streaming Widget.


When i use the streaming video widget in Blynk IOT, its keep loading, and no video appear. I check on browser, the video is streaming. My link look like this

is there something i miss setting the video streaming widget, Tq for ur help

I believe that the url now needs to be publicly resolvable now, rather than being a local up address.


what do u mean Pete, sorry im not very understand about network term

The widget needs to be pointed to a URL that can be accessed outside of your network.
The way to do this is to set-up a DDNS service such as No-ip or DuckDNS and run an updater on your local network to regularly tell the DDNS service what your current public IP address is.
You then need to configure your router to that incoming traffic on whatever port your video stream is using is forwarded directly to the internal IP address of your ESP32.

This isn’t a Blynk specific issue, so there are plenty of tutorial regarding how to set-up a DDNS service and updater, and do the necessary port forwarding.