Blynk legacy to Blynk 2.0

@calandry86 I think you’ve been slightly confused by the post from @John93

I think what he was trying to say is that these two lines of code…

Need to the the first two lines of code in your sketch.
You don’t need to add-in any additional lines of code, simply move those two lines to the top of your sketch
The issue is explained in more detail in this topic…

At the moment, you still have this line of code at the beginning of your sketch, which (I assume) is causing the issue…

I’m also skeptical about whether this line is needed at all, but if it is going to appear in your sketch then it needs to be moved down so that it is after the Template ID and Device Name lines.

One thing that you’ve not provided is any information about what appears in your serial monitor when you boot your device and it attempts to connect to Blynk.
Your serial monitor is the most powerful debugging tool available to you (and therefore to us as well) and without the information that this provides we are all just guessing about what is actually happening when the device tries snd fsils to connect to Blynk.


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