Blynk LED Status of Button With 2 Inputs

I have a project at home to monitor 2 digital switches on Blynk dash board and on the Mobile app.
The sketch on Blynk Example builder is working ok.
Need code for 2 switches.
I have WeMos D1 R1 board
Searched on you tube and other resources but these codes are not compatible with Blynk libraries.

You can search the forum, there’s a lots of examples.

Why don’t you do as was suggested and…

The information you were prompted for when you created this project would be a good starting point…

  1. Add details :
    • Hardware model + communication type. For example: Arduino UNO with Ethernet Shield
    • Smartphone OS (iOS or Android) + version
    • Blynk server or local server
    • Blynk Library version
    • Add your sketch code. :point_up:Code should be formatted as example below.

Simply paste your code between ``` If you don’t format your code, your topic can be deleted by moderators.


void loop()

It would also be extremely useful i9f you used the following terminology…

Physical Switch - a mechanical component attached to your board
Switch Widget - A widget on the mobile or web console dashboard
Datastream Type - The type of datastream you chose when you created the datastream (Digital, Analog, Virtual Pin, Enumerable etc)


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