Blynk keeps disconnecting from Pi Zero

Hi Everybody,

I recently completed a garage door opener project, based on the following instructions:

The project is flawless… when it works. I boot up the pi and it runs well for a day or two until my Blynk app gives me a message that the project is disconnected. A reboot (soft or hard) solves the problem, but it will inevitably disconnect again the next day.

Power mgmt on the pi wifi is off, and the device continues to be connected to my wifi even after blynk is disconnected. Anybody with advice on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks!

Unfortunately there are too many reason for this…

  • Blynk’s constant development changes require updating of the client libraries used in the RPI.

  • The issue could be your own local networking issues? I just had similar disconnection issues due to faulty WiFi on a router… but the issue got even worse when I replaced the router yesterday (random, rapid, connections and reconnections). I finally tracked that down today to a faulty CAT5 patch cord that was used during the router swap… everything else including IP cameras worked… the cable only (notably) affected the Blynk connection. Go figure.

  • And prior to that (about a month ago) I had issues with loosing server link on my RPi that I tracked down to using static IP (setup via that GUI) instead of DHCP.

So yes, sooo many reasons :persevere:

Start with making sure you have current updates for all App, Library and Client software.

You could also ask on that particular instructable… perhaps the author has since made changes to accommodate Blynk’s and/or Raspbian development over time?

And finally, try another RPi/Blynk example and see if it also acts the same way…

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