Blynk json help

good day friends
The blynk app can be used as json. it gives me an invalid token error. but the application works on my mobile device. I can control the application.

When you say json, do you mean that you’re calling the Blynk API ?
If so, you should ping from your PC and use the resulting IP address in your API call, maybe with port 80 or 8080 instead of the url.
This is because of Geo DNS issues. If you search the forum for GeoDNS you’ll get more info.

If that’s not what you mean by what you’re trying to do then you’ll need to provide more info.


I do it this way, but I get an invalid token error.

Now when I check on the mobile. running out of node-red

You can check.

Are you 100% certain that 555d92691cec49459ef7148fa99952e0 is the correct auth code for your project?
Have you emailed it to yourself from the app and copied/pasted it exactly into the URL?


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