Blynk is working...and suggestions!

I upgraded my project to use Blynk yesterday, it worked like charm, have a look at

I have some suggestions and requests to improve usability and features;

  1. Hardware Support: BLE
  2. Hardware Support: USB OTG
  3. Smaller grid size of application interface, resizable widgets, multiple pages, text widget (labels), possibility for multiple kind of widgets to display same input (pin) say I want a widget to display graph and another to highlight value of same pin (say temperature).
  4. Device triggered events, IFTT style, if GPS coordinates are this than arduino does that, if home wifi connected, arduino pin D1 is High…, just revisited campaign, there will be sensors widgets, these could be used…
  5. A chat widget, might take full work area/grid space, with IM style messages area and keyboard, say I want to text Arduino "What is " and it returns temp value, another use case will be as I sent IM to arduino which communicate to another and receive reply and return to my device/blynk and it displays. Just revisited campaign page, there may be similar thing, called bridges?
  6. A widget to enter password/token for authentication
  7. Widget threshold value adjustment, say I want to be notified through LED widget when a widget value displaying temperature reaches 40’C.

May be some or all above in the Q already, these struck to my mind and I thought I should share.


this is huge I would love to see this.


Resizable widgets and labels would be a great initial improvement!

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