Blynk is not updating correctly


I have a NodeMCU.
My app has a button that is changed by my NodeMCU.
I have another NodeMCU that checks the button state to make something with it.

My problem is that if i change the button state with my first NodeMCU it does not update on my other. Also if I sync my project it does not change it from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0. Only if I manually change it but this is not the thing I want to make.

The code of my first NodeMCU
The code of the second NodeMCU


I’m surprised that your code works at all.
You should read this:


Thank you for your answer.
I’ll do this, but can you help me with the other problem?

Here is the new code:

I don’t undersehy you’re using serial communication between your devices. You’d be better using different Blynk Auth codes on your two devices, and Bridge to share the data between the two devices via Blynk.