Blynk is not defined

just bought the omega onion 2+ and I’m trying to connect it with blynk. I’m using putty terminal and installed the blynk library etc. on the omega2+. the code I’m using is below.

var BlynkLib = require('/usr/bin/blynk-library');
var blank = new BlynkLib.Blynk('TOKEN');
var Gpio = require('/usr/bin/onoff-node/onoff.js').Gpio;
var led = new Gpio(11,'out');
var num = 1;
var v1 = new blynk.Virtual.Pin(1);
var v5 = new blynk.VirtualPin(5);
v1.on('write', function(param) {
  console.log('V1:', param);
v5.on('write', function(param) {
        this.num ^=1;

multiple website have it listed as " getting started " so it should work. but everytime i try to run it says " blynk is not defined " and will not work. onion omega and blynk are not connecting. please help.

Is the Blynk library actually installed in the shown location?

Also, this line is incorrect… extra . in-between Virtual and Pin

If none of the above works… please SHOW the actual full error… it usually indicates location of issue.

@ccovany when the 2+ first came out I hooked up to Blynk, so it does work.