Blynk is not connecting with esp8266

i am working on a project the car parking using iot . for this i use arduino and node mcu esp8266 , the problem is i am trying to connect blynk with node mcu but its not working . i installed the node mcu board and the libraries too but still its not connecting. kindly help…

More information needed!


Blynk app shows device wasn’t online yet

@Chetann are you working with @Arouba_Sheikh on the same project, or are you posting about a different problem that you personally are experiencing?

Of you’re working together then I’d suggest you significantly more information about the project and the code you are using, explain whether your code is compiling successfully, uploading successfully, and what information you are seeing in the serial monitor.

If this is a totally unconnected project then please start your own topic and provide all of the information that is requested in the initial template which is loaded when you create a new topic.
Pay special attention to the information about how to correctly post code in the forum, otherwise your code will be deleted.


no Sir i am not working with chetann. yes the code is compiling, uploading successfully . Actually now the problem has been solved but the blynk app only shows online with the local wifi modem but when we change it to moblie sim wifi(data) with the modification of ssid and the password it again shows offline.
Kindly help

Start a new topic, which thoroughly explains the issue.