Blynk iot timeinput wiget

previously i use blynk legacy and now its not working.i try to use blynk new app and that new time input widget very difficult to understand. previous app too easy to use .can anyone upload a sample code to power on one digital pin a selected time and turn off an hour.


The “Time Input” widget in IoT is the same as it was in Legacy.
The Legacy “Timer” widget has been replaced with Automations. Take a look at the documentation and you’ll see a great tutorial on how to implement Automations.


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thanks.finally i done the project

Hi may I know how did you do it? I’ve been trying for 2 weeks and I can’t do it. thank you

What are you trying to achieve exactly?

sto cercando un timer per far partire una pompa 12v, esempio tasto V1 on off per accenderla e un timer accanto per impostare dalle 12:00 on e ore 13:00 off. Con il vecchio blynk era un gioco da ragazzi ora è complicato.

You can use automation, which is the easiest way.

quindi il tasto time input setting a cosa serve?

There’s no need to use the time input widget with automation.

grazie mille funziona tutto