Blynk iot tariffs

Hello, if I pay for the “plus” tariff. Will I only be using it for a month? Then the created project will work? There are 3 devices in the project.


Once the subscription expires ! The widgets that come under the plus plan will no longer work. But the devices will continue to work, as 4.99$ is one time payment.

that 4.99 per month is if you pay for a full year in advance …//

No. Its a one time payment to register a device. Its nothing to do with yearly subscription.

The Plus monthly subscription is now $4.99 when billed yearly. Additional devices are also $4.99 as a one-off payment


Is there any way to add more users in the plus plan ?

I need 2 more users only ( 7 in total ) and I don’t want to buy the pro plan.

User bundles aren’t currently available, and from comments made by the Blynk guys previously I don’t think that’s something that fits in their business model.


Alright. Thanks pete.