Blynk IoT App's widget on Android does not update, unlike in the app

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Devices and versions
I’ve not found this bug(?) reported before.
I’m using the Blynk IoT App 1.5.3 (82) on Android 12 on a Google Pixel 6.
I have a device that reports Events.


  1. Whenever I open the App, and go to the Notifications tab (via bottom menu) my events are nicely reported, including the latest ones. It also refreshes automatically with new events coming in. Zero issues here.
  2. However, I have also added a Blynk IoT Widget to Android’s homescreen (I’m talking Android widgets, not to be confused with Blynk widgets). Upon adding the Widget, it immediately displays the latest events, but does not append new events. The widget does show in the top ‘4 devices online, 0 devices offline’. If I delete the Widget, and re-add it, it does display all latest events again and the same story applies.

Is this a bug in the App with respect to automated updating of the Widget? Or do I need to give the Blynk widget specific update permissions in the ‘new’ Android 12?

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@Brounzer that home screen widget updates once in 30 minutes, re-adding it of course refreshes the value, that’s why it should have (depending on its size) a text showing the latest refresh timestamp. We may later add possibility to make refresh faster (but it will result in more frequent battery use)

Thanks for your response. I should have added that it doesn’t update any more at all, after initial add.
For example, I readded it at 10:30-ish this morning. In the bottom of the widget it still says ‘latest: today, 10:38’. In my timezone it’s 12:37 now.

P.s. the phone is on wifi and not in a battery saving mode.

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Got it, that’s a bug, we will fix it.

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