Blynk IOS app startup issue

First of all, loving Blynk. It is the definition of awesomeness. I recently installed the latest version of the app with the latest library and something that previously worked seemed to break. Usually nothing unusual happens when I initially connect the app while my project is connected. Now, it appears to set the virtual pins to random values upon startup and then quickly stabilizes (within a second). Any ideas?


Hello, are you sure this is random values? After new update, widgets doesn’t reset their last value, so it is possible that you see exactly last remembered state, until it is updated from your hardware.

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Ok, I think I understand what is happening. I use the Blynk app to remote control a robot (left, right, etc…). When I initially start the Blynk app, the robot takes off in the last direction it was traveling. In other words, BLYNK_WRITE behaves like I just pressed the button again (actually, the previous two presses). How can I reset the virtual pins in the setup() so that my robot doesn’t take off? I’ve already tried Blynk.virtualWrite(0, 0);.

I have had similar issues with the latest release, when the app starts up if you have a button added and connected to a V Output it will automatically send the command once on startup. Anyway to stop this as I am currently using the button to reboot the device !

Yes, I believe you are correct. Since I have many buttons, they behave like they’ve all been pressed every time the Blynk app connects. This is not a good thing for most users. I’ve gotten around this problem by ignoring all button presses for the first five seconds after startup. The problem is that if the app disconnects and reconnects after startup I have the same problem.

Yeap that’s a bug. Fixing it right now.

Fantastic. One less thing to worry about on my project.

Any progress on this bug?


Yeap, bug i s fixed. But I don’t know when exactly we will release new iOS version. @Pavel may know better.