as a way to setup LoRaWan device

I understand this is a fairly generic topic, but I’m looking for something to manage my devices that could potentially run over LoRaWan instead of WiFi. So my question is: could I use the Blynk mobile GUI to configure a device without WiFi for LoRaWan usage, say input the LoRaWan configuration and then let it run over LoRaWan only?

As in, not having to write separate firmware for the LoRaWan version, and possibly if firmware updates are needed, manually connect them back to WiFi externally(physical switch or whatnot). This would be a device that can manage both protocols. (would be cool if Blynk later have LoRaWan support).

The reason I’m asking is that I would like to move away from the autoconnect library on ESP32 for something that allows device control/OTA without direct access to the networking.