Blynk in serial production

I was thinking about commercial potential of Blynk… If one day some manufacturer decides to start to use your platform in serial production (for example remote controlling pellet stoves…), it would be nice to have some “Management tools” on local server for easy setup plenty of boards, each for different customer. From my point of view, that tools should provide:

  • using “presets” for creating widget layouts and pin configurations
  • easy generating tokens and printing labels with QR code…
  • possibility to “Play” each MC board directly from local server, not from smart phone…
  • possibility to change values on customers MC boards by authorized personel from technical support…

On the back of the stove will be label with printed QR code and step by step instructions how to “enable remote control” of the stove. What do you think about idea? :slight_smile: Keep up with good work. :slight_smile:


Thanks for so many great ideas! We will definitely consider them.

We have started something on Blynk for Businesses here: