Blynk improvment and efficiency, admin on local server

can we have some option controlable by local server’s admin to restrict users, what to do. for example do not add or remove widget or change energy or creat page or etc.
I mean we have a local server admin that control users activity or accesible?
This is so good and applicable.

I want to make a project but after that user’s restricted accessible to make change just Blynk’s admin do it.

@sh.abar.mard could you give your users a shared copy rather than a cloned copy of the project. Shared projects are not editable by end users, just project builders.

@Costas ok but i mean we have some setting on admin panel on local server.
@sh.abar.mard i’m thinking about this too.

Only the authorised Administrator can make changes to the local server. Don’t know what your problem is.

@Costas i automated my home with Blynk. so now i have some project not one project and devices or tags because i needed more than one gps widget and eventor ok? so i created several project with that method of sharing you tell about we can just one project hold to share with other at same time and to change project users must be disconnected and try to scan other qr code this is not good.
do you know?

we want a type sharing method that can get switch tab between projects.


Sorry I haven’t got a clue what you want to do.
You are going to have to lay it out VERY simply if we are to advise further.

E.G. user 1 needs to have X and use GPS Y, user 2 needs … user 10 needs …

I know that’s mean.when you have several project you dont have all project together in sharing project at same time.
And another that in a project that we shared it with together we can use just one gps widget that want to work with which phone’s data? That it’s not good
So can you tell about this?

However in this topic we talk about make Blynk’s panel to full option and some more additional setting.

AFAIK if a project is shared with more than one user it will not be able to identify which specific phone is sending the GPS signal.

Solution: just share the project with 1 user, clone project and then share with 2nd user.

With MCU’s costing as little as $3 then the easy solution is just to allocate a single MCU to each user.
You can then use the bridge widget if you want to “link” things together.

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@Costas :thinking: Single MCU’s for each user?!!! How about hardware’s box for 5 number of that??? It will be big

@sh.abar.mard you don’t need to put all the MCU’s in a single box, you have the Bridge widget.

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