In docs, get request format is given like below: I

But i got the result when i keep the country IP of blynk cloud when request is sent from maker webhooks of IFTTT but not with the DNS. Am i missing anything?

Your account is on one of several servers around the world and if you use blynk-cloud-com then IFTTT might pick the wrong server. If you use the IP address then it will be directed to the correct server for your account.

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But, after the DNS address, Authtoken is there to uniquely distinguish my account in the Blynk server. Then how does it pick the wrong server?

I believe everything you create in a project including its authtoken is saved at the server location where you connected. Therefore if you connect to a different server nothing is there until created again.

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But in the official documentation of Blynk, why is the DNS address given in the format of GET request?

If you are refering to
I’m just assuming you are auto-redirected to your closest server ( much like from the phone when you log in to is redirected to which might be where the software that redirects you to the closest server, resides.

if this is true, than it is quite strange implementation of the server networks. shouldn’t the scope of more servers be redundancy and load distribution?

imagine, if google servers would be configured this way, you would have error messages like this while you traveling: ah, sorry, you’re connected to a different server, we can not show you your mails / drive etc because your stuff is not on this server…

really? no one would use gmail anymore.

at least, if the blynk servers are configured this way, they should run a quick search in the database, based on the token: if the token not found on the actual server, pass the request to the next server, until the project is found or no servers left.

or, it should be a shared db on each server with the tokens, than with a single lookup the request could be directed to the apropriate server. just my 2 cents.

from what I have been reading on the forums it would seem that this is the way it works, I can’t guarantee it though. I’ve seen alot of people not finding their projects when abroad.

Found this in docs
Geo DNS problem
Blynk Cloud utilizes Geo DNS for non-commercial solutions in order to minimize servers maintenance costs. It means that when you connect to, DNS service redirects you to the closest server based on your IP address. The issue is that the hardware and application sometimes are not in the same network. And there is a chance that hardware and smartphone are connected to different servers. You will get User is not registered message in that case.

I believe @Fettkeewl is correct but Blynk have had a fix for 12 months or more. The fix will have a detrimental effect on Blynkers that have not updated to the more recent library versions, ergo the fix has not been implemented yet.

now the question is that, how many users are affected daily / weekly because of not implementing :slight_smile:

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