Blynk + IFTTT - details Guide how to connect both

Thank you Elano,
its giving only" Receive a Web Request " option .

Can you share your screenshots?

That’s because you choose Maker as IF,you should select somethings else as IF trigger (like Date&Time),than as second option (That) you have to choose Maker an than you will see Receive a Web Request option . Try in mobile IFTTT app,select first Button widget,than select Maker.

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it works!

blync + ifttt (esp8266 )is not working

Did you read the whole topic? If you did it,you know what the problem is. :wink: (geo-dns)

Agree i made a video tutorial also

In india [β€œ0”]
And not <<<1>>>

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IFTTT is nifty and useful but it’s also pain in the as* because of lag.

I dont find any lag bro im using it for my house

It’s up to server load,you can face with it in a rush hours.

oh i am using alll my home appliance is connected via ifttt through do button

Okay,I have it (kind of) working with Do Button, but it does not work with IFTTT (I use IP). What I mean with working is that if I put 1 in Pin D4 it opens my gate. The problem I have is that I need a push button and not a switch (so it does not work before I put D4 on 0 again). Anyone any ideas ?

2 buttons? )

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realy ?

I am having a little bit of a trouble setting up this ifttt to blynk connection. I am on a local server due to my organization networks port blocking (i guess, since I cant communicate with blynk server).
So, is it possible to set up ifttt with a local server?

same issue i have i can’t use local server because my ISP is blocking any inbound traffic on all ports.
so you have to solutions

  • use blynk cloud :slight_smile:
  • or use any tunneling solutions but most of those are paid and will add more latency to requests.

Just to clarify, do you mean using The problem is that my ISP doesnt allow connections from blynk server. Or do you mean running my own blynk server in the cloud (like amazon server)?

i mean if you ISP is blocking inbound connections you can’t access your Local server from outside.