Blynk + IFTTT - details Guide how to connect both


Its works likr charm with do button doesn’t work with ifttt recipe help
What should i do
Should i try replacing ip with blynk cloud one
Io one is working for do button not for ifttt recipe???

#34 /xxxx/update/D26

I tried this even this is not working with ifttt
But when i replace by ip address as mentioned earlier works with do not with ifttt
I tried changing [<<<0>>>] didn’t worked
Tried even this [“0”]


@saurabh47 any idea why this is nkt working??


Dear sir when i tried doing this works like charm
When i created same thing with dk button app o android

Same thing does not work on ifttt can u please help??


Try to use virtual pins. Does that help?


Also this answer may help you Blynk Web Dashboard


Works fine with virtual pins thanks


not able to get recipe option in ifttt app on Android / IOS … its showing my applet .


After select create a new applet,try to pick Button widget as “IF” ,than select Maker as “That”.Now you can see Make a web request option to fill in.


Thank you Elano,
its giving only" Receive a Web Request " option .


Can you share your screenshots?



That’s because you choose Maker as IF,you should select somethings else as IF trigger (like Date&Time),than as second option (That) you have to choose Maker an than you will see Receive a Web Request option . Try in mobile IFTTT app,select first Button widget,than select Maker.


it works!


blync + ifttt (esp8266 )is not working


Did you read the whole topic? If you did it,you know what the problem is. :wink: (geo-dns)


Agree i made a video tutorial also


In india [“0”]
And not <<<1>>>


IFTTT is nifty and useful but it’s also pain in the as* because of lag.


I dont find any lag bro im using it for my house