Blynk + Homebridge Data Refresh Issue

Hi All, first of all I’ve been experimenting with ESP8266 + Blynk + Homebridge, thank you for putting all of this together! The only issue that I am running into is that when I run homekit, the values of the temperature, humidity, etc are not refreshed unless I open / close the app or ask Siri for the status. In other words, I have to manually poll the homebridge server for data. Is there a way to set refresh rates for all of the sensors that would make Homekit perform like the Blynk app in terms of near real-time data updates? I would like to be able to set up automation routines through Homekit, which is currently impractical due to manual polling. Thanks!

Also, a few things about my setup - it is comprised of a local Blynk server, and Homebridge server running from RPi 3. My goal was to use Blynk and a number of ESP8266 sensor nodes to get all sorts of data + control accessories not natively supported by Homekit. I was also hoping to set up automation routines based on real-time sensor data so this is where I’m running into a problem. I know that there is a number of plugins available for Homebridge but then I would likely have to circumvent Blynk and since I am a big fan of Blynk, I’m looking for a way to keep is as part of the stack.

Hmm… Have You try to send data from sensor periodically? Not only on request? My setup with blynk<>node-red<>home hub on iPad <> phone works well and iOS app updates.