Blynk graphics on Raspberry Screen

I finished my project between Raspberry and some Arduino Nanos throught nRF24L01 using Tmrh20 library.
I can control RPi with Blynk who sends orders to/from RF24 Mesh nodes.
All this is working fine.

But i would like to have a local control running on RPi, something that look like Blynk.
is that possible?

I am talking about Gauges, buttons, leds, widgets running on RPi using whatever method.
Of course if I change something thats would be reflected on my Android Blynk app, but that´s easy. I am only need the graphical enviroment…

Sorry for my english.

Currently it’s only possible if you install Android on Raspberry… But I don’t think Android can run the server.

I am not running Blynk server on RPi.
I just need some GUI like Blynk for local control. I’m going to search other GUI alternatives.
But i love Blynk style.

would work for you?

Interesting… i will take a look.
Im watching QT5 too under Rpi.

Why not trying to install android on RPi?
Android should be much better for control panels, etc.

And tell me how to communicate RPi with NRF24L01 nodes under Android?

I’m pretty sure it’s doable. But it requires some knowledge of linux internals.
Anyway, the same story with Raspbian. Some things are much easier, but not many.
You’ll have to search for solutions.,

Ok. I am going to analyze your approach.