Blynk Get Data - but from Sensor, not Slider etc


So I have a ESP32 in the shed, transmitting wind data to Blynk.
I then have an ESP8266 in my office, which I want to pull the data from the Blynk cloud/app etc, and display the data that was sent from the ESP32 in the shed.
I assumed it would just be a case of the ESP32 doing Push Data to Blynk, and then the ESP8266 doing Get Data from Blynk, but nothing is coming through.

So to test things are functioning, I put in a Slider, and when I move that, I get the data coming through. But why can I not get the sensor data flowing, rather than only sliders and stuff from the App itself?

Can someone please assist?

ESP32 -> Blynk -> ESP8266, how do I achieve this?

I am basing my ESP8266 data on this:

and my ESP32 program on this:

As mentioned, it works if I put a slider on my Android Blynk app, and move that, then the ESP8266 gets the data, but I want the data from the ESP32 to appear on the ESP8266 too…


to directly pass on data between two devices you need a blynk bridge. Check the docs for that.

HOWEVER, I’m completely missing the reason for you setup. Why do you need the 8266? You have the 32 gathering data and connected to your network (I suppose) so why don’t you get the data directly from the 32?

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Thanks, have looked at the Bridge and now have that working. Many thanks.

I have the 8266 in my office as that is on a 4D Systems gen4-IoD module, the 8266 is the main processor for it. Its a LCD display powered by an ESP8266 and their software libraries. So I have that in my office for display of the weather information, which is being collected by the ESP32 in my shed. I actually changed the ESP32 just now to be an old NodeMCU 0.9" which I changed the module to be one with a u.FL connector on it, so I can use an external antenna. The ESP32-PICO-KIT I was using kept falling over due to boarder line reception, even with Blynk library controlling it, it sometimes did not recover with the network for some reason. All seems OK now with the external antenna.

that makes sense. good to hear you have it working!