Blynk GeoDns login Issues in Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean

@Dmitriy i am in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I am working on a project and cannot login to blynk server can your team assist

Did you recently traven from somewhere that you used to connect from? If so, send a PM to @Dmitriy (click on his name, then on message) with your login details.

You can also follow the troubleshooting guideline, ping from your PC and try that IP address.

@Gunner no i have not logged in a while last night was the first time i logged in since i created this account

I want to connected my esp8266 to blynk to test it


how long ago was this?

Were you in Trindad and Tobago when you created the project?

I am in Chaguanas remember this is a tiny island in the caribbean unlike turkey we can see the entire island if you are high enough. we have three telcom provider TSTT and Digicel and Flow


@Costas yes i started the project yesterday i live in trinidad and tobago. I am also here now

Thanks man for the assistance