Blynk for the Ipad iOS 11?

Hello folks, we just got an Ipad, but No Blynk for the Ipad iOS 11?

I don’t think IOS tablets of any type are officially supported… Android tablets are (unofficially), but then that is probably only because they are almost indistinguishable from phones, as far as the OS is concerned.

Thanks a lot, Gunner, for your reply. I guess the developers need to rewrite the whole code to support an iOS tablet. This part is what I hate about the iOS

You can run the iPhone app in 2x mode on the iPad

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Yes, that’s what I do and it works fine under IOS 10 and 11.


Thanks Jamin, I just did that. It works! I did not know that the iPad has to be set to search for apps for the Iphone only. Blynk looks very nice on the iPad :slight_smile: