BLYNK faces


I am trying to control two esp hardware with singly BLYNK app.
But I am facing some some issues.

Let me explain what I am doing.

Creating to separate new projects.
Then creating a BLYNK app and add both the projects using BLYNK faces to the app .

Then I receive auth token for 2 project.
I flashed the auth tokens to two separate esp’s.

Now when I preview my app.
It asks for scanning barcode.

I scan the barcode of either if two projects.
Then I get only that project in my BLYNK app whose code I have scanned.

I want to have both project on the app in the side menu.

Please help.

I think you are misunderstanding the purpose of the Faces demonstration… ignore that for now.

Just make your normal App project, add in both devices and either program them via code and virtual pins, or use direct pin control from App.

If I do what you say.

Then I get all the controls of both devices on one page of the app.

Also will have limited control pins.

I want to create a app , in which in the side slide menu , we gets the list of devices connected with BLYNK and we can choose to open them and control them.

Please help

No, You can have tabs, device selector, tags, tiles, etc…

Why? Each device has its own physical pins and you can control them all, even within a single project.

Not sure what you are asking…

You can already add many devices to your project…

Perhaps you need to spend some time learning what Blynk actually does and has available for you to work with.

Study the Documentation, read through the Help Center pages and try out the Sketch Builder examples. All links are at the top of this page.

Thank you very much sir.

Issue resolved with your kind guidance.

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How did you fix it?

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