Blynk Faces Development

I guess at present users of Blynk Faces have to have a whole host of QR code images tattooed to their arm to give them maximum flexibility “on the road”.

How about also adding a simple drop down menu option alongside QR code image selection?

Doesn’t sound as much fun as re-enacting the movie Memento :grinning:


@PeteKnight give us a clue Pete, my Google credit has maxed out?

This ?

Thats the one. If you’ve never seen it you have to watch it at least 3 times!
The movie runs backwards in time, but in a really weird way. He tatoos messages to himself on his body then discovers them without knowing where they came from.

The first time you watch it you won’t really understand it. Second time around you think you understand it, then third time around you’re more confused than ever. Enjoy!



UK TV recently ran a mini series called Rellik which for the observant, is killer backwards.

Similar approach, start at the end and work backwards to why.

I’ll put Memento on my watch list.

We started watching Rellik, but couldn’t get to grips with it. Was it worth sticking with it?

Are you able to get Sky TV on your little Greek island, or do you use IPTV?


Pretty good overall.

With super cheap VPN.

Bit off topic though :slight_smile:

We are not a Greek island, despite what the BBC and ITV say.

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