Blynk + ESP8266-01+SoftSerial example problems

I have been experimenting with an ESP8266-01 and have uploaded the Shield_SoftSerial example sketch.
I get the following information from the serial monitor which suggests that my Arduino is connecting to my WiFi.

[19] Blynk v0.3.5-beta on Arduino Nano
[520] Connecting to VM610300-2G
[5670] IP: +CIFSR:STAIP,""

[5805] Connected to WiFi

However, if I look at the devices connected in my router settings I don’t see this IP or MAC listed.

Also, if I start the Blynk App on my phone it says “Your Arduino Nano is not in the network”.

Any help would be great.


Did you try troubleshooting section in the docs?

I have resolved this issue by uploading the bare minimum example in to the Arduino Nano and then using the following AT command to manually set the ESP8266 IP:


and using the gateway and netmask values on my network.

Although this resolved the connectivity issue, I tried to use the SimpleTimer library to get some feedback from my Nano’s output pins and the Arduino would constantly disconnect and reconnect to the network.