Blynk doesn't work with me on the ESP32

I’m working with esp32 micropython and I used this library:

but it doesn’t work with me could anyone help me with this please?

import  BlynkLib
# initialize Blynk
blynk = BlynkLib.Blynk("KL9qFCCJhoJlh2gf43FX4D-03YC-UnTA")

while True:

Are you trying to use a local server or the Blynk cloud servers?
I ask because this doesn’t seem like a valid Auth code.


I need a local server
I installed Blynk application and made a project and that’s the Auth code which sent to my mail

btw it doesn’t matter with me if it will be by local server or blynk cloud servers. Anyway will work with me would be ok, help me to make it work by anyway of the two please :pensive:

I really don’t understand your answer.
I think that this…

will by default connect to be Blynk cloud server.

This example…

Shows how to specify a custom server.


I’m sorry if my explanation isn’t clear

But what was the problem when i used the cloud server
I wrote the code above and the blynk application was connected but when i create any pin and change its value it didn’t work

The code was ok and there wasn’t any errors what do u think is the problem?:thinking: